Prostate disection……

Prostate concerns is one of my talks featuring disecting cow patties.  Or… what one could refer to as cutting through the bullshi…… once this has been achieved, the majority of ones problems can be eliminated.

Have you heard the one about “collecting” funds for research for a cure for what disorder you think you suffer from, or someones told you what they think you are suffering from. Apparently ,so I hear, they are going to collect funds to research for a cure for can..can… cantankerous people.

Ten days to solve Crohns  disorder.  Hold the research.

Menieres disorder…in order, 8 days.  Menieres society….there is a whole society living off this one.

Flu vaccine…….cough that one up.  A vaccine for a viral infection that has not been isolated?      Or has been inflicted.

Breeeath.     Deeply.    Slowwly……In through the nose,

out through the mouth……   Can be repeated as required.


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