Top fuel Greenhorn.

                              The Greenhorn.

Prologue. …..Still 70kgs..

Prologue 2………Still 70 kgs…joy…

They say that the first sign of madness is when you start talking to yourself. In actual fact this could be the first sign of enlightenment. But  I refer not to wandering around aimlessly muttering about who should have done the dishes or put the rubbish out or other matters of extreme importance.

A constructive time to talk to one self is when brushing your fangs in front a  mirror. Take a long, deep look into the eyes of  that which are reflected before you. Greet this person and give them time to gather their thoughts. Ask how you are feeling at this very moment. Whether happy with this feeling or not. Then, if there is joy in your heart, say thank you for this excellence, directly into the eyes that mirror yourself and thank you to that which abides by you. If the joy is not there then ask what are you going to do to change this. Because it is this person which will take ultimate responsibility for this change.

Ask what benefit you  can be on this very day. Small steps. Just this one day. The rest, if granted, shall follow. Because all good benefit will turn to joy and this will become a natural progression.

The joy shall flourish within your heart, and it will beat effortlessly  to a song of pure delight, and your soul will join your heart, and this song will engulf them in unison. You will become unified with every drop of rain and each waft of invisible breeze that touches your cheek. The natural earth under your very feet will smile with you as you help keep a smile on the face of your planet.

With each smiling moment you will beat down the door of that which carries harm in their hearts. Whether or not they hide in the guise of protective administrators, because it matters not one wit whether you are good, bad or just plain ugly. This is the face of true terrorism.

So, Whether you are just plain old good , bad or ugly talk to this person and sing this song and fear will melt away, as it can only devour flesh. That whom carries harm as its weapon has no power or defence over that whom carries joy in their heart and soul. Ultimately, this soul that you look deeply into the eyes of , is a free agent.

Chapter one.

The progression to a plant based diet was uncomplicated and rapid. I did not read a book about it and I was not influenced by a long haired, bearded guru. Or a short haired, close shaved  guru. David Wolfe was a baby, Juliano was thirty years away from serving up raw food delights. There were a mass of heathy food gurus out there, there just was not mass media to get them out there , if you get my drift.

There was no world champion, cage combat  athlete that was a vegan, as there is now. And no sixty plus years of age  runners, running a marathon everyday for a year around Australia, fueled by raw food, as they are now. No Vegan world  body building champions, as there is now. And my better 95 percent did not yet own her Vitamix nutrient processor. There was no law stating that four people on four motor cycles were not allowed to travel as a group. And there was no pimply faced or weathered veterans brandishing low slung six guns, electric stun weapons and burning eye spray against  the vulnerable traditional indigenous owners of Australia. And there was no such thing as a pot of beer over two dollars fifty cents.


My decision was to refrain from years of literary  toil vying for academic unachievement. I had the occasion a couple of years later to be met with a statement by one of the worlds leading invasive heart surgeons. The surgeon stated that my knowledge and others in the same fraternity, exceeded their learned capacity nine to ten fold. What is referred to as both being  fully Illuminated. Or when you hit the right switch the light comes on.

So I kept eating fish flesh. You know, Omega three and all that stuff. Lotsa  steamed veggies. I was not confined to the barren desert anymore. I had access to an arsenal of extreme clean. Then I decided that I preferred to swim with fish rather than eat them. Especially when they are so welcoming to me in their own personal environment. Poultry went by the wayside before the fish, and I will not make a pig of myself by mentioning  meat and fat from pork .Dead animal cell tissue is not condusive to live human cells.

The worlds top twenty supercross riders all hover around 70 kgs. Contemplate hanging onto a open class motocross bike at full song. Yes, I went from 75 kgs to 70 kgs.

I have often been met with the remark that I am lucky because I am just naturally fit.  Hmmm. So.  Reminds me about  the story of the  financially wealthy man that was told how lucky he was for being rich. His answer was to say that “yes, the harder I work the luckier I get”. Tiger Woods was just a natural golfer. Ask his dad. Ask any champion athlete.


When I am sitting drinking beer, they are running up hills. When I am contemplating going for a run they are doing their warm down. They are so lucky that it comes so naturally to them. Cause and effect.  So what causes did becoming a  green  meanie bring about one may ask. And more importantly, what has been the affect one may also ask. I am Glad you asked. See what I caused,  now look what I have done.

Watch a top fuel dragster chemist preparing the fuel mixture ready for the run. This batch of nutrients has a calorific count that is essential for performance. Perform and complete the task in good health. Without blowing  up.

You can run a marathon eating pork chops and M&Ms, smarties. Drink coke. In the end, that will be the end. The ex- marathoner just down the hill from here has a crook back, buggered knees, yet trained well, trained smart. He is in his early sixties.  The bloke the other side of the hill still runs the course, marking out orienteering events and competeing with flair and competetive ability. He is eighty five.  Both use a different source of nutritional fuel. Train smart, train hard.

Put in the correct fuel and you can train however you like. No point of going out on an intergalactic body wrecking quest. Sport and training assists in keeping the body fit and healthy. Ending up frail and incapacitated well before your time is not inevitable.

Come out the other end fit, agile and healthy. Fuel your body correctly.

I am still looking for an ant with fat legs. You know, big quads, massive hamstrings. Bit tubby around the thorax, abdomen. I have heard that, power to weight, an ant has a fair bit of grunt.

Being a green meanie caused me to train harder, get fitter, get stronger, get healthier and more handsome than thirty years ago. And I was setting records then. At close to fifty I am young  compared to many brilliant examples of  past and existing characters. But all of us have a different story.

Trust me when I say that my blood is truly worth bottling.

What is the most important thing being a green meanie has done for me, has been asked. Happiness.

But as a many know, what I have cannot be bought with any amount of riches.

Peter    OPD.


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