Hypotheseis…..The child has underarm lymph glands that are enlarged. Bit of a puzzle to you because you have no experience with this occurence. You take the child to someone you think may have experience with this. At the place you  go to are people that have been indoctrinated with information of a kind, so they get to be called a doctor. The indoctrinated person could even have studied enough to be called a professor. They profess to know more than you of a particular subject.

You can walk away and use your nounce. Or, you send the child into a downward spiral. The child is defenceless. As you are. You have not taken the time to find out about what you live in. Your body. You do not have study human anatomy and physiology. Just take time out to think.

Hypothesis…Involved in a car crash. If the child or you snap your bones, or slice the flesh open that covers the bones, you will get some assistance to get straightened out and stitched up. Unless your very isolated. Or torn to shreds so bad you are going to return to the dust you came from. There are people that are paid to assist you. They do it as a job. You may be one of these people. Medics and emergency people have accidents also.  These people have all the tools required for the job. You or your parents paid for these tools. Sowing gear , knives ,splints , spanners and cloth. And anaesthetic juices. Readily available at most drug dealer shops.

The lymph gland problem is a glitch in the body. A  message. The child was running around having fun until someone else noticed.  When you hit the tree with your car you were probably fine. You hit a tree. You did not contract malaria. You hurt. That is your nervous system telling you to rest up and mend. Feed yourself correctly and you will repair yourself. You are what you eat. If you think a pharmaceutical drug will fix your heart or mend your bones or repair your body cells, it means that you are not thinking.

Food…If you boil it you make it sterile. Put a flame under it you kill it.  Food has living protein and enzymes and active compounds that are what you are made of. Keep food alive and it will keep you alive. Alive is one thing. Alive, and healthy, is another thing.

Feeling depressed? Get an anti- depressant. Feeling too happy? Get an anti-happiness.  Feeling fat? Get an anti-fatness.  Anti –What??   Feeling hungover from booze?    STOP drinking booze.

You can sit, text, over-caffeinate. Get skinny, get fat, get depressed.

You can walk, run, ride, swim. Be invigorated. Feel good.

The Earth has skin cancer. Humans. There are millions of healthy humans. Around eight billion humans that are a little sick. Physical and mental.  I have never seen one human drop dead on the street from cancer.

You are made up of trillions of healthy cells.  When billions of your cells get a little sick, people phrase it as cancer. The cure for cancer. Get rid of this word.  See, no more can……..People get tumours. A tumour is a growth , a sore area. Belt it with nutrients that hang from trees and shoot up out of the earth. Another human does not repair you. They can change your shape. They may help to guide you. You repair you. We just need to  change the thought pattern and then our perfect design will live perfectly on the perfect design.   Choices.                                      PJG    on    OPD.

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